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Today’s libraries provide far more than the faded books and stuffy aisles of previous years.  Most libraries have an audio-visual section, where members can borrow CDs and DVDs at prices much lower than high-street rental services.  They also offer free internet and computer use, and access to services such as photocopying, scanning and printing.

Libraries have both fiction and non-fiction sections, and can be used to find practical information such as how to write a CV, improve your career prospects, and find local council housing. 

Libraries also host a plethora of activities such as film showings, book launches, children’s art workshops, reading groups, art exhibitions and book and poetry readings. 

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PUNIT KUMAR RAWAT 25 September, 2009

sir i want to join your organizations i sending information from ALLAHABAD U.P. INDIA

PUNIT KUMAR RAWAT 25 September, 2009

sir i want to join your organizations i sending information from ALLAHABAD U.P. INDIA

Deyanet Aghayev 9 June, 2010

i ask all of you who enter this site, to send a great list of intertesting books, including classic and best books. my e-mail is :

Riasat zaman (billesley) 23 December, 2011

Libraries are great opportunities to get knowledge about any single subject of life and death.

jerry 14 November, 2012

what is d meaning of catalogue and reference?

euneshike frank 24 February, 2013

good thing

David J. Dougherty 5 June, 2013

Having just got my first novel published, which is of the thriller/suspense genre called, "A Killer of a Camp." I would like to query if you would have a list of all the libraries in the UK?? As at this present moment I have libraries contacting me for purchases in Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.
Kind regards
David J. Dougherty
Author of

Gail Marie Brooking 3 April, 2014

I live in South Devon in a town called Totnes this is the United Kingdom. I joined a writing group a few months ago and I write about fishing and ferries. There is a huge company that run ferries regularly on the River Dart which is a huge river with a long history of trading and politics. I am a local woman and write of my own experiences in both these areas, the history of read about the stories around the place and my childhood around boats and a town called Salcombe which is some 15 miles away. The library here in the UK is a new one built in the last few years moving from a very old ground floor town house which was the only source of books for years.

Congratulations on your book! What wonderful news. In my library we have access to DVD Computers and a lot of novels and an excellent reference section obviously very local information about everything around here and extremely well researched books about our precious history. One in particular is about Dartmouth and is written by local people or people who have lived here.

I hope this is some help to small town English libraries.

Best Wishes.


Nezir 28 May, 2014

Liberery is the source of knowloge

Terry A 30 September, 2016

I want to enter a poem I created into a competition any ideas??

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