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KS2 Teachers in Control

Library content is written to give teachers the lesson content, questions, tests and homeworks they need to support learning across every ability at KS2.

Clear and Concise

Library lesson content is written to cover the whole curriculum in a clear and concise way.

Resources Written for Library

Library content is written by a dedicated, conscientious team of education experts with over 20 years experience writing resources for schools.

Easy to Access and Share

Access your Library resources anywhere with no logins or passwords, confident you can share with colleagues, pupils or parents.

Research Based

Library writers have researched 1,000’s of education research papers, websites and books, to help teachers maximise pupil learning and develop their thinking skills.

Save thousands of hours writing resources and preparing your lessons.

Plan your library lessons from anywhere, with structured content designed to deliver the curriculum in a clear and concise way.

Work offline with Library download and print.


resources menu features.

Every resource has a menu icon where you can

  • Zoom in to content so your class can read it more clearly

  • Print pages from the resource or the whole resource

  • Download the resource as a PDF

  • View resource Fullscreen

Work on IWB with Library FullScreen.

Deliver Library resources direct to pupils using an IWB, teaching and turning… assessing and revisiting.

Everyone in your class can login at once, just share your library url!


No IWB or Computer Lab or tablets?

No problem, simply copy the content straight from a laptop or tablet onto your whiteboard or chalkboard.